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Lietuvos gyventojams

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If you seek new cultural insights - come to the Baltics!
And Lithuania is the best kept secret of Europe!
Did you know, that the country has already celebrated Millennium of its history, in 2009?
No wonder, Lithuania has demonstrated itself as a country that has preserved a unique and rich cultural heritage.
In the fifteen century the Grand Lithuanian Dukedom was the largest commonwealth in Europe, stretching its borders from the Baltic to the Black sea.
By the end of the twentieth century small Lithuania proclaimed itself an independent state, separated from the huge Soviet Union and was blamed for its collapse!
It sounds almost as incredible as the statement, included in the World Guiness Record Book’97, that the geographical centre of Europe is located in Lithuania, 26 km north of Vilnius! It might be added, that people here speak the Lithuanian language, acknowledged by linguists as the oldest living Indo-European language, congener to Sanskrit...
Today Lithuania offers a pleasant relaxed stay in a zone of mild maritime continental climate. The summers have become dryer and hotter here, and the temperature often rises to +26 degrees C.
The travelers are soothed by quiet, picturesque landscapes and lush greenery, whilst enjoying high quality hotels and local people hospitality.

Tourists admire medieval architecture in capital cities of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and white sand beaches in the Baltic seaside resorts. Among them is the awesome Curonian Spit in Lithuania, which The Sunday Times rated as Nr. 9 among 100 best holiday destinations.

And by businessmen Lithuania is viewed as a country of the immense IT potential that exceeds all expectations in the whole region of Central and Eastern Europe.


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